Jyotirmay eye clinic is an exclusive set up providing state of the eye care for children with various eye diseases, Adults with squint, patients with nystagmus or other eye movement disorders and children with poor vision (Low Vision Rehabilitation).

This clinic exemplifies the emergence of Pediatric ophthalmology and Strabismus as a well established sub-specialty of ophthalmology.

We work endlessly in pursuit of excellence in pediatric eye care and aim to contribute to the science and art of Pediatric ophthalmology and Strabismus. We uphold the principles of high ethical standards and compassionate care at affordable cost. In this clinic the treatment will never be denied to a patient with vision threatening disease for the lack of money.

The clinic is open on Sundays and Public Holidays so that both the parents, children and the elders of the family may have the opportunity to meet the doctor simultaneously to discuss critical problems and plan the future of the child or the patient.

The clinic facilities are divided into main areas of service delivery.

  1. Patient services (Client Services)Click Here for More Details
  2. Diagnostic Services of the clinicClick Here for More Details
  3. Surgical Services of the clinicClick Here for More Details
  4. Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision LaboratoryClick Here for More Details
  5. Pediatric Low Vision ServicesClick Here for More Details

The clinic also engages itself in cutting edge research, training activities and charitable activities. More details can be found in the respective webpages or click on the Links given below.

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