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Definition: When a child has poor vision in one or both eyes due to the uncorrected refractive error or squint or due to the inability of the light to reach the interior of the eye, it is called as Lazy eye or Amblyopia.

Problems due to lazy eye

  1. Lazy eye is the commonest cause of monocular blindness in the age group 20-50 years in USA
  2. Lazy eye is associated with loss of binocular vision or fusion (in-ability to use two eyes together) in children and adults
  3. Lazy eye is associated with loss of stereopsis (3 dimensional vision)
  4. Lazy eye is associated with the squint or crossed eyes

All of these increase the chances of injuries and accidents in life, reduced eye hand coordination, increased dependent years in life and reduced motor skills.

Treatment of lazy eye begins with an early detection. The latest treatment with eye patching and eye exercises at the earliest age offer the best chances for maximum improvement in children with lazy eyes. Research has shown that conventional trreaatment of lazy eye can be successful in a low minority at older age. (success rate in amblyopia treatment studies reveal 47% success in age between 7-12 years and 25% success between 12-17 years)

This condition can be treated with

  1. Patching/occlusion therapy
  2. Penalization/pharmacological (oral levodopa) methods
  3. Dichoptic therapy
  4. Oral medicines

The results of lay eye treatment or lazy eye exrcises can be very satisfying, provided it is diagnosed in time and appropriately treated.

  1. Patching / Occlusion:
  • Patching /Occlusion is the most recommended form of treatment as it is safe and effective.
  • It involves covering good eye with eye patch, forcing the lazy eye to work harder.
  • Research has shown, allowing child to perform fine activities like drawing, coloring ,playing games on mobile gives further impetus to improvement in vision.
  • The duration of treatment depends on improvement in visual acuity shown on follow up visit.


Our protocol for Lazy eye treatment / Amblyopia





  1. Eye drops for lazy eye treatment:
  • This treatment is advised for patient who are non compliant to patching.
  • An Atropine eye drop (cycloplegic eye drop) is used to temporarily paralyze the accommodative action of eye and dilate pupils. The effect gradually weans off in 3 weeks time.
  • Patient has to put Atropine drop in good eye on every Friday and Saturday, hence called as weekend Atropine.
  • Atropine drop temporarily induces blurr in good eye.
  • Research shows Penalization being as effective as patching / occlusion for improvement in visual acuity.


  1. Lazy eye exercises / Mobile games for lazy eye treatment:
  • Jyotirmay eye clinic gives you a treatment that allows your child play game on smart phone by method called as DICHOPTIC TRAINING (also called as MfBf- Monocular fixation in binocular field) for children with poor compliance for patching and weekend atropine.
  • MfBf exercise needs your child to wear Red Blue goggles and play game called STEREO BLOCK which is available free in play store on Android smart phones.



  • Since Patching/Penalization (Eye drops for lazy eye treatment) being cumbersome, poor compliance, poor cosmetic appearance, time constrain and constant watch over child.
  • MfBf relieves parents of compliance for patching/penalization.
  • Studies, research proves that one hour per day for five times a week of MfBf has shown an improvement in visual acuity of Lazy eye.
  • MfBf has not only have shown improvement in vision but also in contrast level and stereopsis (depth perception).





  1. Bangerter filter:


IMAGE 4 /5


  • Bangerter filters / Foils are graded thin flexible patches of varying degrees of transparency.
  • It is usually used as secondary form of treatment for lazy eye / Amblyopia following patching / occlusion or atropine treatment.
  • Foils are usually cut to fit most frame size and can adhere to existing lenses with help of water.
  • The possible advantages of Bangerter filter over Patching can be the ability to change the density of foil, possible better compliance as patches stick on skin unlike Bangerter filter which is applied on glasses.
  • The disadvantage of it can be possible peeking from the top of glasses, so glasses have to be worn properly.


  1. Amblyz goggle:
  • Jyotirmay eye Clinic introduces state of art technology in treatment of Amblyopia, AMBLYZ glasses.


  • AMBLYZ glasses are a totally new approach in eye occlusion.
  • It’s an electronic device, shaped like glasses, easy to use, comfortable and suited for children of any age group.
  • In addition, patient who need eye occlusions usually needs prescription glasses; AMBLYZ glasses can serve as an eye occluder and prescription glasses at same time.




  • Traditional methods of eye patching involve significant level of discomfort, inconvenience, poor cosmetic appearance and social issues resulting in poor compliance for treatment.
  • AMBLYZ glasses after activation for required eye, turns completely from transparent to opaque in 1 minute at regular time interval till battery lasts.





  • AMBLYZ glass is controlled by preprogrammed microchip.
  • This technology having undergone multiple testing ,is proven to be safe and effective.
  • Research shows occlusion with AMBLYZ glasses and occlusion with adhesive patches are equally effective in treatment of moderate to unilateral Amblyopia.





  1. Pharmacological (oral levodopa):


  1. Lazy eye surgery:


  • Lazy eye surgery means treatment of underlying cause that leads eye to be lazy.
  • For example: Cataract in childhood which deprives child’s eye of clear pathway for light to get focused on retina.
  • Congenital convergent or divergent squint.
  • Shaking of eye (Nystagmus)


  1. Combination:
  • This includes combination of one or two of above mentioned treatments for correction of lazy eye to achieve better outcome.




We have done some original research work in amblyopia management

  1. Multifocal ERG in Amblyopia with Levodopa


  1. Crowded visual  acuity for Prognosis and anticipate therapeutic effect of Levodopa


Power point on evidence based management of Amblyopia (pdf format – 2016) – click here



We have done some original research work in amblyopia management

  1. Multifocal ERG in Amlyopia with Levodopa


  1. Crowded visual  acuity for Prognosis and anticipate therapeutic effect of Levodopa


Treatment protocol (2016) of Amblyopia management at Jyotirmay eye clinic.

Amblyopia guidline sticker

Power point on evidence based management of amblyopia (pdf format – 2016) – click here


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