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From Ms.Chandan Bhanushali

“There is nothing to suggest changes to improve the performance of the clinic and the doctor….both are par excellence”


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Lazy eye (Amblyopia)

Definition: The defective vision in children despite of best spectacles without any organic disease is called weak eyes / lazy eyes.


Lazy eye affects nearly 5% children all over the world. In appropriate situations lazy eye can be easily treated with patching and other treatment menthods even in early adulthood. However, best results are obtained if […]

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Glaucoma in children

Definition: Increase in the intraocular pressure that cause vision loss in children is called glaucoma.


The glaucoma affects 1 in 10,000 live births approximately. The child presents with watering (tearing) from the eyes, increased size of the cornea and inability to tolerate the light.

This triad of signs is confirmatory and it is essentially accompanied by damage […]

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State Of The Art Squint Surgery Technique

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Inferior Oblique Myectomy

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Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision Laboratory

Jyotirmay Eye Clinic gladly announces the commencement of state of the art OM-BV Lab in the management complex strabismus in children and adults from 1st Nov, 2012.

This laboratory is equipped with

State of the art Intellinetx two channel video nystagmography system (USA) for recording and analysis of complex eye movements viz. fast eye movements (Saccades), […]

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Injection Treatment To Correct Squint

Injection treatment of Squint with Botox/Bupivacaine under EMG Guidance

Nearly 15% patients with squint can be given a small, painless injection of a drug called Botox ± Bupivacaine to correct squint.
This injection is best given under an electromyogram (EMG) control.
It is given in the eye muscle (pink in the figure), Not in the EYE!
The injection takes […]

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Botox Treatment

BOTOX™ at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic

Botox is Botulinum toxin A from the world’s most respected company, Allergan Inc. (USA)
Botox is a chemical that can be used to weaken an over acting muscle.
This weakening is transient and fully revesible.
Dr Mihir has done a fellowship in Neuro-ophthalmology with the inventor of Botox, Dr Alan Scott at San Francisco, […]

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Sevoflurane At Jyotirmay

Information for the families on Sevoflurane anesthesia

Advantages over other methods of general anesthesia

Anesthesia effect starts very fast (typically 5-7 breaths)
Anesthesia effect disappears very fast (typically 5-7 breaths after stopping)
Higher safety

Less effect on heart functions
Does not affect kidney functions

Smoother induction
It is the ultramodern anesthetic agent (the latest available anywhere in the world)
The anaesthetic is very ‘user […]

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Click Here for Download

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