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/Binocular Vision and Eye Exercises Clinic – New

Binocular Vision Clinic is Dedicated to the Sincere Efforts of my Dear Friend and a Colleague

Mr Oliullah Abdal who has developed a sophisticated but simple program for the assessment and management of patients with binocular-vision disorders.

bynocsBinocular vision ‘Bynocs’ at Jyotirmay

Who will benefit?

  1. Patients with lack of binocular vision – suppression on worth 4 dot or Bagolini test for near and/or distance
  2. Patients with unilateral lazy eye or amblyopia
  3. Patients with squint before and after squint correction
  4. Patients with double vision
  5. Patients with poor depth perception
  6. Patients with unequal vision
  7. Patients with unequal spectacle powers
  8. Patients with asthenopia (eye related headache)
  9. Patients with unilateral cataract or adult cataract planning a surgery to achieve spectacle freedom with monovision / blended vision
  10. Patients with color vision defects
  11. Patients with problems of contrast sensitivity
  12. Patients with eye related headache

What are the assessment modules available?

  1. Assessment of near and distance vision in logMAR (near logMAR charts are usually not available)
  2. Assessment of contrast vision
  3. Assessment of binocular vision – size and depth of suppression scotoma
  4. Assessment of near and distance 3D vision (distance 3D vision assessment charts are usually not available)
  5. Assessment of accommodation (facility and amplitude)
  6. Assessment of fusion (convergence and divergence)
  7. Assessment of aniseikonia
  8. Assessment of reaction time (saccades and pursuits)
  9. Assessment of squint (heterophoria) angle
  10. Assessment of eye movements (modified Hess screen)
  11. Assessment of asthenopia (asthenopia symptom survey)
  12. Assessment of color vision
  13. Assessment of fixation (eccentric fixation)

What are the therapeutic modules available:

  1. Eye exercises for the lazy eye / amblyopia called binocular vision therapy (Dichiptic therapy)
  2. Eye exercises for antisuppression and restore binocular vision -fusion
  3. Eye exercises for the development of fusional amplitudes, before and after squint correction to increase chances of success
  4. Eye exercises for the patients with eye related headache (asthenopia)
  5. Calculating theprisms for patients with double vision
  6. Eye exercises to develop 3D vision
  7. Dichoptic therapy for patients with eccentric fixation.
  8. Finding the dominant eye and choosing the IOL design or power for unilateral cataract or planning blended vision – monovision



Assessment cost – 1500/-

Treatment cost – 700/- per session


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