The charges are not arbitrary they are determined based on the local best practices, infrastructure provided for the eye care and expertise of the eye care team + the time taken.


Jyotirmay eye clinic OPD Charges

Jyotirmay eye clinic OPD Charges

CVI (Cerebral Vision Impairment- clinic) / Higher Visual Function Clinic = 2000/-

Surgery Charges

(wef 4/4/2017)




Payment methods

Payment methods


Examination Under Anesthesia 11500
Pediatric Cataract surgery including PAV
Category A +(Acrysof IQ) 55500
Category A +(Acrysof 3pc) 50500
Category B (Acrivue/Aurovue/Similar) 45500
Category C (NO IOL) 42500
Scleralfixated IOL 60500
Toric IOL (Customised) 60500
Complicated Secondary IOL 60500
Corneal tear repair – Minor 45500
Corneal tear repair – Major 55500
Squint Surgery
Onemuscle surgery 45500
Two muscles surgery 48500
Three muscles surgery 51500
Four muscles surgery 53500
Five muscles surgery 57500
Six muscles surgery 61500
Resurgeries [Extra] 7000
Special procedure [Extra] 3000
Suture Adjustment 0
Injection Charges 8500
Additional Cost of Botox excluded
Office Probing 7000
Simple probing 20500
Silastic Intubation (Endoscopic) 42500
DCR with Silastic Intubation 55500
RITLENG extra 8000
Balloon Dacryoplasty 45500
Enucleation 55500
Enucleation With Implant 60500
Ptosis Correction
Frontalis Sling
One eye surgery 45500
Both eyes Surgery 65500
LPS Resection 60500
Fasanella Servat 50500
Amniotic Membrane Grafting with Bandage contact lens 50500
Excision Biopsy 50500
Limbal Stem Cell Transplant with Bandage contact lens 53500
Optical Iridectomy 50500
Glaucoma Surgery
Goniotomy 50500
Combined Trabeculotomy-ectomy 55500
Ahmed Glaucoma Valve 65500
Corneal Tattooing 50500
ROP Screening in NICU 2000


Providing the state of the art in anesthesia, patient safety, surgical skills ANDsurgical material.Policy for the payment and concessions

  • Full payment to be paid by cash / cheques at the time of registration
  • In case if it is not possible to pay the full amount, 3 post dated (< 3 months) cheques can be given for the amount remaining after a payment of 15,500/-. An additional charge of 2500/- will be charged for this facility
  • The surgical charges includes the cost of surgical material, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia gases, anesthesiologist’s fees, bed charges and OT utility charges
  • The patient has to bear the additional cost of anesthesia medicines, surgical gloves, surgical disposables etc to be purchased on the day of the surgery – this costs usually 2000/-
  • In an unfortunate event of a complication requiring the child’s transfer to ICU after/before commencement of the surgery – the patient has to bear all the charges in the ICU
  • We do not accept credit cards / cashless mediclaim facilities
  • We will provide all the necessary documents for the reimbursement if a parent / patient wants to apply for the mediclaim reimbursement.
  • Unfortunately a large majority of ocular defects that we treat are classified as birth defects. We can not help you to pass the mediclaim by disguising / changing the medical history or type of the ocular defect.
  • We do not offer any concession to the patients who are applying for the mediclaim.
  • We take partial responsibility for a poor outcome after the surgery / complication after a surgery. 40% concession is given in surgeon charges for a re-surgery.
  • We prefer to offer best possible quality and services to the patients. There is no compromise in quality for unaffording patients. Do not hesitate to ask for concession. However, to avoid misuse of the available funds – Please provide proof of salary / income tax return to avail any concession on surgical charges.

Please note: Surgical charges may be revised without a prior notice

Benchmarks for Unparalleled Patient Safety @ Jyotirmay Eye Clinic

  1. Sevolfurane Anesthesia
  2. Anesthesia workstation with circle absorber
  3. State of the art continuous ECG, NIBP and ETCO2 monitoring system with Pulse-oxymetry
  4. Syncronised defibrillator in the OT
  5. Laryngeal mask airway and igel for faster recovery from anesthesia
  6. Radiofrequency apparatus for blood less surgery.