1. 20% school going children need spectacle to see the black board clearly
  2. Only 10% know that they need spectacles
  3. 5% children suffer from lazy eye (reversible if detected in time)
  4. 3% children suffer from squint or misaligned eyes
  5. 50% children who are given spectacles need a change of spectacle every year

Increasing number of children in the Indian cities need spectacles to see things clearly!
• Unrecognised eye problems limit the academic performance of children and increases risk of injuries or accidents in life by as high as 50%.
• If detected early, treatment of eye problems can restore the vision completely


In our pursuit of Child’s Right to Sight, we announce the  commencement of community based vision screening programs for children called Children’s Refractive Error and Eye Ailment Management Project or The C R E A M project which is an initiative  of the Department of Social and  Community Pediatric Ophthalmology of Jyotirmay Eye Clinic for Children and Ocular Motility Laboratory, Thane. The details of the programes are mentioned below

The Vision Wall Program:

Vertical Vision Wall

Vertical Vision Wall

Recommended for all the schools with children aged 6 years or more
• An eye care professional and a carpenter visit the school.
• A wall is identified that will be transformed to the “Vision wall”
• A 6 feet X 6 feet, durable, flex board is mounted on the wall.
• Exact distance at which the vision needs to be checked will be marked.
• The children/parents/teachers can now check child’s vision as and when planned/required for years after years.

Horizontal Vision Wall

Horizontal Vision Wall

The Photoscreening Program:


State of the art S12 Plusoptix Vision Screener at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic (Imported from Germany)

Recommended for all the schools with preverbal children (<6 years)

  • A photoscreening professional visits the school
  • The children are photoscreened on a special device
  • The instrument identifies the children with eye defects who would need a referral to ophthalmologist
  • The reports are processed and examined by pediatric optometrist in the clinic and forwarded to the schools

The Vision Screening Program:


Depiction of the vision screening.

Depiction of the vision screening.

Ideal for any school that can afford complete screening (> 6 yrs.)
• A photoscreening specialist and a vision professional visits the school
• The children undergo photoscreening and vision assessment
• The final reports are processed and examined by a pediatric ophthalmologist and forwarded to the school.

The Home Screening Program:

Periodic Home Vision testing of a child being done by a caring mother

Periodic Home Vision testing of a child being done by a caring mother

Every parent visiting the clinic is provided with a home vision screener that can be used to periodically assess the vision of their children so that an early referral to the pediatric eye specialist can be sought in case of poor vision.


For more details – download the brochure – Click on the brochure below

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Mr Vivek Rathod

Head of the Pediatric Optometry Services, Jyotirmay Eye Clinic,

Thane, Maharashtra


Name of the program

Cost of the program

Un-aided/private schools (100-1000 children) Part aided schools /Privates schools >1000 children Fully aided / municipal schools (No fees)
Vision wall* 9,500/- 9,500/- Free
Photo-screening 100/- per child 100/- Free
Vision screening(complimentary vision wall) 150/- per child 150/- Free