Definition: Drooping of the upper eye lid/s is called as Ptosis.


Ptosis is caused by poor function of eye lid elevating muscle (levator palpebrum superioris).

If not treated the child with ptosis develops

  1. Poor vision (lazy eye) in the eye
  2. Spectacle power (astigmatism)
  3. Visual filed defect
  4. Negative psychosocial and emotional effects


A surgery is usually needed to correct the ptosis. The best age for operation is 3 years if the ptosis is mild / moderates (the lid not covering the pupil)

If the ptosis is severe, surgery should be done at the earliest to avoid irreversible loss of vision.

Types of surgeries

  1. Frontalis sling surgery: This is the most commonly performed surgery for ptosis in children. It is a rapidly performed surgery and provides excellent results. A silicone sling is used to suspend the lid. more..
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  2. Fasanella servat procedure: A minor surgical tightening is done to correct mild ptosis. This is not a very commonly performed procedure for children.
  3. LPS resection: For moderate / severe ptosis with very good eye lid muscle function, the levator muscle is tightened.

Unique facilities at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic:

  1. Sevoflurane (world’s safest gas) anesthesia is available for the child’s safety. more…
  2. Philips (USA) VM8 Sure sign monitor is available for intraoperative monitoring for unparalleled child safety
  3. Tremendous experience of the surgeon. We have successfully performed 17 (seventeen) such surgeries in one day on one occasion!
  4. Imported silicon (BD surgicals, UK) is available for superior results.

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