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Eye exercises for squint and lazy eye

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In this web page we have only entered the information regarding eye exercises that have proven benefits for specific set of eye problems in children and adults viz. crossed eyes and lazy eyes. We have taken great care to avoid any spurious information and avoid mentioning certain form of exercises which are very popular but does not have any evidence of being of any help.

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Eye exercises for strabismus

The set of eye exercises that is useful in patients with squint Vision Therapy.

for strabismus aim at regaining child’s ability to use both eyes together (fusion), to restore 3 dimensional vision, to prevent or treat lazy eye / Amblyopia, to improve Hand eye co-ordination (visuomotor skills)

The objective of squint eye exercises or exercises for crossed eye is to delay the need of surgery or increase the success of squint correction after surgery and in some situation avoids strabismus surgery by improving the co-ordination of eyes, so that the child’s Binocular vision and Stereo acuity remain intact.

These exercises can be done at home as home based exercises and office based exercises which is done in clinical set up.

Home Based Exercises

  1. HTS iNet for Vision Therapy:

It is computerized home vision therapy system.HTS is fun and easy way to learn range of eye exercises for squint correction which can train child’s eye to work together. It’s like playing game in computer.

The plan for squint correction therapy depends on the abnormality found on (BVA) binocular vision assessment. Initial task of playing are easy, which computer automatically increases the challenge based on your improvement.

HTS is completely based on individual Binocular problem. It is usually played 5 times a week, and then gradually reduced to maintenance therapy for few weeks to reinforce the working of eye together.



  1. Brock String:

It is an instrument used for treatment of convergence insufficiency and other anomalies of binocular vision. It is used to develop skills of convergence as well as to disrupt suppression of one of the eyes.

Set Up:

  1. Tie one end of the string to a doorknob.
  2. Position one bead at the end of the cord close to the doorknob. This is the far fixation bead.
  3. Place the middle fixation bead about 10 inches from you.
  4. Place the near fixation bead about 4 inches from you.
  5. Stand directly in front of the doorknob facing it. Hold the cord up to the bridge of your nose so that the cord is stretched tight between your nose and the doorknob.


  1. Look at the near fixation bead. Keep this bead single as you look directly at it. If the near bead is double this indicates an eye teaming problem. If this occurs move the near bead closer or further away until you see it as a single bead_ the near bead should be moved closer and closer as the task becomes easier. Eventually the near bead should be only one inch from the bridge of your nose.
  2. As you look at the near fixation bead you should see two strings, each of which appears to come from your eyes. If your fixation of the bead is accurate, the two strings should appear to meet exactly at the bead forming an “X”(See illustration). As the bead is moved into one inch from your nose, the two strings should appear to meet exactly at the bead forming a “V”.
  3. Shift fixation to the middle fixation bead and then to the far fixation bead and repeat. If your fixation of the far bead is accurate, the two strings should appear to meet exactly at the bead forming a “V”.
  4. Change the location of the fixation beads and again repeat.
  5. Try to be aware of other objects in your field of View as you practice.
  6. Slowly turn your head from side to side through an angle of about 45 degrees maintaining your vision of the two strings at all times.(if you turn too far one string will disappear.)
  7. IMAGE 1


Office Based Exercises



 Eye exercises for Lazy eye

Home based eye exercises for lazy eye –

Dichoptic treatment for better binocular vision and active occlusion therapy

  • Dichoptic training needs the child to wear red green goggles (that usually costs < 1000/-) and play a game on the mobile phone or touch screen screen device. The game e.g STEREO BLOCK is available free on play store in Android market.
  • Dichoptic eye exercises for lazy eye

    Dichoptic eye exercises for lazy eye

    • Few prior settings in game, gives child a visual improvement equivalent to patching the good eye.

    • We have found DOMO nHance RB560P Anaglyph Passive Red and Blue 3D Glasses from Amazon India to be cost effective and very effective (No financial conflicts with us)
    • For more details visit latest treatments of lazy eye

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