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  • Spectacles for Children

  • To know about the TV watching guidelines for children click here
  • Low Vision Services





  1. SMS call back system for getting the appointments
  2. Token system for rapid consultation and reduced patient waiting
  3. Pleasant waiting area
  4. Baby feeding area
  5. Two fully equipped examination rooms
  6. Electronic Medical Records
  7. Children’s entertainment and play area
  8. State of the art vision assessment systems to assess vision of a child aged from 3 months to the adults, distance and near 3D vision assessment system, color vision assessment methods for preverbal and verbal children, aniseikonia measurement methods.
  9. Dedicated Ophthalmic Operation Theater with Live relay of the surgery
  10. Sevoflurane (world’s safest gas) anesthesia is available for the child’s safety. More (
  11. Philips (USA) VM8 Sure sign monitor is available for intraoperative monitoring (for unparalleled child safety)
  12. EMG machine is available for the application of Botox injection more and video
  13. Video Indirect Ophthalmoscopy: A unique video recording facility for children with retinal diseases
  14. Hand held slit lamp, perkin’s tonometer, hand held autorefractor, Cardif cards, Lea gratings, Lang test, TNO test, video indirect ophthalmoscope, Barkan gonioscope, Zeiss four mirror gonioscope etc to assess the most complicated eye diseases in children
  15. Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision Laboratory
    This laboratory is equipped with State of the art Intellinetx two channel video nystagmography system (USA) for recording and analysis of complex eye movements viz. fast eye movements (Saccades), slow eye movements (pursuits), shaky eyes (nystagmus), optokinetic nystagmus etc. for the management of complex strabismus and nystagmus.

    1. Force measurement forceps (Scott Caliper, USA)for the measurement of the eye muscle forces and restrictions.
    2. Electro Myograph (EMG) Amplifier (USA)for the identification of lost muscle and drug injection (Botox/Bupivacaine) in the management of complex strabismus.
    3. Nidek CP 690 Auto-projector chart (JAPAN) and neutral density filterto assess binocular vision at different distances (for the measurement of size and depth of suppression scotoma in amblyopia/lazy eye), aniseikonia (differences in image size), distance 3D vision, single letter vs crowded letter acuity measurement in the management of disorders of binocular vision in children and adults.

    With the establishment of OM-BV Lab, the clinic not only intends to provide state of the art eye care but also provide the much needed clinical data about normal and abnormal ocular muscle functions and anomalies of binocular vision.