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Various State of The Art Diagnostic Services are Available at the Clinic as Mentioned Below

  • Orthoptic Examination

This examination is useful for evaluation of misalignment and headaches in the patients. Presence of squint, muscle weakness and inter eye muscle imbalance is diagnosed using this examination technique.

  • Low Vision Assessment

Patients with poor vision who can not be helped by any treatment are evaluated to find the low vision aids that can help them to perform better in the school and day to day living.

Slitlamp Biomicroscopy and Assessment of Vision in New Born, Preverbal Children and Older Children

  • Video Nystagmography

This is state of the art method to evaluate nystagmus / shaky eyes in chidlren.

Click on the Following Link to Watch Video of Video Nystagmography


  • Assessment of Near, Distance and 3D vision


  • Assessment of Refraction and Automated Hess Charting



Jyotirmay Eye Clinic Pediatric Color Vision Matching Chart

(Modified Helvestone Color Matching Chart)

Download this chart and ask the child to match the colors to assess the accuracy of color matching performance of young children.




Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening with Video Indirect Ophthalmoscope