Jyotirmay Eye Clinic offers one of the most advanced and state of the art in-house surgical facility that is LAMINAR FLOW – Joint-less – Modular Operation Theater facility

The most important objectives behind our OT management are

 Highest Safety

 Strict Asepsis (Sterility)

 Accurate and minimally invasive Surgery

Some salient features of the operative facility are mentioned below.

1. Rigorous preoperative assessment

Multiple preoperative examination ensures correct measurements of squint and other surgical parameters that lead to accurate surgical plan and superior outcomes.

2. No compromise Preoperative Anesthesia Fitness Evaluation

Every patient is thoroughly evaluates by the pediatrician and/or physician to ensure surgical fitness and reduce the chances of unanticipated complications after surgery.

3. Dedicated Ophthalmic Operation theater with Regular Microbial Surveillance

Twice a week the OT is fumigated, The floor of the OT is Epoxy coated, Walls painted with antifungal antibacterial paint, the water supply in the scrub area is sterilized with UV light and 3 layer of charcoal filtration. Seven completely equipped surgical sets are available at any given time so as to use one set for each patient without any compromise on sterility.

4. Live Surgical Telecast

Every surgery is done under surgical microscope which is relayed live in the patient viewing area.

5. World’s safest gas anesthesia for unparalleled safety and efficacy

Sevoflurane is a non toxic, non smelly, non irritating, EXPENSIVE but the safest gas anesthesia available for its unparalleled safety.

6. Laryngeal Mask Airway for quick recovery

A laryngeal mask airway offers spontaneous respiration by the patient throughout surgery so that the patient need not be paralysed. This improves the safety and offers a quick recovery from anesthesia.

7. Philips VM 8, Sure Sign monitoring system with continuous ECG, BP, O2 and ETCO2 monitoring

This monitoring system allows us to evaluate the functions of the vital organs in the most advanced and effective manner.

8. Recording of Ocular Surgeries All unusual eye surgeries are recorded for its teaching value.

Surgeries are also recorded if the patient / parent requests for the DVD of the procedure to be handed over to them after the surgery.

9. Optional Attendance of Parents / Relatives with Medical Background in the Operation Theater

In order to improve transparency and allow participation of the parents / relatives in surgical care, parents / relatives; preferably having a medical background are allowed to come in the operation theater and witness the surgery. Our research has found this policy to be advantageous for the patients.

10. State of the Art Microscope – Carl Zeiss, Germany

All the surgeries are performed under state of the art microscope made in Germany.

11. World Class Surgical Instruments

We use titanium or high quality medical grade stainless steel instruments for unparalleled surgical performance.

12. Unmatched Surgical Expertise

The surgeon and the assistants have tremendous experience in performing a wide variety of surgical procedures. We have trained many surgeons across the country and from abroad. A list of the doctors trained by us can be found elsewhere in this website.

13. Experienced Pediatric Anesthetist

A pediatric ophthalmology service is successful because of its anesthetist. Our anesthetist is a very compassionate, calm and experienced anesthetist, Dr Reena Gautam, who is very passionate about her specialty. She has a wonderful way with the children.



  1. Infrastructure to reduce infection
  • Jointless operation theater to prevent infection
  • Polyurethane painted walls for antibacterial and antifungal action
  • Wall cladding to prevent water contamination of walls
  • Terminal HEPA filters and reverse air risers with ultraviolet rays treated pure air
  • Positive air pressure to prevent outside air entry
  • Hermetically sealed double door entry to prevent air contamination
  • Sandwich glass viewing window and live operation display for improved transparency
  • Steam chambered horizontal autoclave for unparalleled instrument sterilization
  • Sub 3 micron fogger for operation theater sterilization
  • Ultraviolet light treated, activated charcoal treated and sub 3 micron water supply for operation theater
  • Sticky mats at the entry point to reduce dust load from operation theater footware
  1. Anesthesia safety net
  • Philips VM8 Continuous ECG, BP, PULSE, OXYGEN and ETCO2 monitoring system
  • Sevoflurane for safe and comfortable anesthesia
  • Hospitech major anesthesia station for accurate anesthesia
  • Defibrillator for resuscitation
  • Laryngeal mask airway for fast recovery from anesthesia
  • Cuff pressure monitor for effective and complication free LMA placement
  • Pediatric oriented/trained anesthetist
  1. Surgical facilities
  • 3 step magnification LED illuminated foot controlled ophthalmic microscope made in USA LABOMED America. Live relay of the surgery (with recording).
  • Radio-frequency cautery for blood-less surgery
  • Position controlled hydraulic operation table
  • Endoscope with cold light source for minimally invasive lacrimal surgeries
  • 2 hours power back up for electricity failure


Unfortunately behavior of biological systems like the human body is not always predictable. Hence the outcome of the treatment may not always be as anticipated. Nevertheless, we will do our best to optimize patient outcomes. Thank you for your faith.