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Group of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

The group of pediatric ophthalmologists and strabismologists (GPOS) of Mumbai is currently a group of 34 dedicated pediatric ophthalmologist.Dr Mihir Kothari is theadministrator of this group and the director of Jyotirmay eye clinic which is an academic pediatric eye care center dedicated to the eye care of children, disorders of binocular vision and ocular motility disorders.
The Jyotirmay eye clinic in collaboration with the members of the GPOS runs short term and longterm training programs with a single objective of creating the next generation of pediatric ophthalmologists for our country.
We are driven by our passion to teach and consider this activity as a tribute to our esteemed teachers who made us what we are today.
We aim to infuse high professional ethics, community orientation and comerederie in our fellows / observers apart from teaching them the modern day pediatric ophthalmology.
Collaborative Partners:
  • Bombay City Eye Institute and Research Center, Dr Shalini Kaul, Babulnath
  • Hinduja Hospital, Dr Ashwin Sainani, Mahim
  • Lotus Eye Hospital, Dr Neepa Thacker, Vile Parle
  • JNR Eye Clinic, Dr Siddharth Kesarvani, Borivali
  • Haji Bachoo Ali Hospital, Dr Ashish Doshi and Dr Prachi Agashe

Course Director: Dr Mihir Kothari, Jyotirmay Eye Clinic

To train aspirants in the management of common ocular motility disorders, amblyopia and other common Pediatric ophthalmic disorders.

The course would include training in following diagnostic and management skills.


  • Vision assessment and refraction in infants and children.
  • Vision screening in children.
  • Diagnostic approach to common Pediatric ophthalmic disorders.
  • Screening for the retinopathy of prematurity.
  • Evaluation of patients with diplopia.
  • Evaluation of binocularity, stereopsis, fusional amplitudes and accommodative amplitudes
  • Practical approach to the diagnosis of strabismus. Paddle tests (Cover Test, Uncover TEST, simultaneous prism cover test etc). Use of prisms to quantitate the deviation, Hess charting, Forceps tests, Evaluation of versions, vergences duction, saccades and ocular torsion.
  • Working up the cases of nystagmus and other ocular motility disorder.
  • Tensilon / Prostigmine test for myaesthenic
  • Evaluation of congenital epiphora.
  • Evaluation of congenital ptosis etc



  • Therapeutic approach to common Paediatric disorders.
  • Principles of spectacle correction in strabismic and non-strabismic children.
  • Ophthalmic prism dispensing.
  • Botox for strabismic disorders
  • Examination under sedation


  • Conventional and fornix incision strabismus surgery.
  • Adjustable suture technique.
  • Nystagmus surgeries.
  • Muscle Transposition Surgeries.
  • Endoscopic probing and lacrimal sac surgery in children.
  • Paediatric Cataract surgery.
  • Trabeculotomy/ Trabeculectomy, Ahmed Galucoma Valve implantation, Goniotomy.
  • Management of Paediatric eye trauma.
  • Enucleation and orbital implant.
  • Surgeries for Congenital Ptosis etc.

Hands on skill transfer policy:

Hands on training is done at variable frequency. We conduct camps at Bhiwandi, Girgaon and Thane.

Research by Fellows:

By default, a fellow will be engaged in all / any ongoing research work of the clinic.

GPOS training program:

This is a 4 month training program encompassing all the above mentioned course curriculum plus

  1. Rotation with at-least two consultants
    • Dr Mihir Kothari 2 months compulsory
    • Dr Shalini Kaul, BCEIRC – 2 month alternating with Dr Mihir Kothari
    • Surgical posting with Dr Mihir at Bhiwandi every month and with Dr Shalini at BCEIRC
  2. Exit Examination
    • Theory 100 marks
    • Viva by 2 GPOS members
  3. Certificate will be given by the group of pediatric ophthalmologists and squint specialists, Mumbai.

Additional observership can be arranged with

  • Dr Ashwin Sainani, Hinduja Hospital – 1 month or
  • Dr Neepa Thacker, Lotus Eye Hospital – 1 month or
  • Dr Siddharth Kesarvani, JNR Clinic – 1 month

Short term training program at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic (Independant of GPOS training program)

Duration – 3 Months (Extendable)


  • Dr. Mihir Kothari


This is a 12 months training program encompassing 

  1. Rotation as follows
    • Dr Mihir Kothari 3 months
    • Dr Shalini Kaul, BCEIRC – 3 months alternating with Dr Mihir Kothari
    • Dr Ashwin Sainani, Hinduja Hospital – 1 month
    • Dr Neepa Thacker, Lotus Eye Hospital – 1 month
    • Dr Siddharth Kesarvani, JNR Clinic – 1 month
    • Surgical posting with Dr Mihir at Bhiwandi every month and with Dr Shalini at BCEIRC till the end of the FELLOWSHIP
  2. Last 3 months will be ICO international fellowship or one of the above mentioned consultants as per the candidate’s choice consented by the mentor.

We would strongly recommend the candidate for international ICO paid fellowship and help secure one using our contacts if the fellow is interested to learn from an international mentor.

  1. Exit Examination
    • Theory 100 marks
    • Viva by 2 GPOS members
    • FAICO exam is compulsory
  2. Certificate will be given by the group of pediatric ophthalmologists and squint specialists, Mumbai.


Your Passion to Learn and Compassion to Serve the country. There is no money paid or levied.

Please send your CV, recent photograph, Adhar card and a copy of your MBBS as well as MS/DNB/DO/CPS certificate through e mail.

It is compulsory to take professional indemnity of 50 lakhs, medical fitness certificate, TT and HBSAg immunisation before joining the fellowship program.

The candidates will have to take care of their own accommodation, travel and food.

Observers are also welcome.

For further inquiry please contact: Dr. Mihir Kothari at / 9324037173.

All the trainees must maintain a clinical logbook and get it signed every month by the concerned mentor.

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