1. Introducing Novel Treatment for Amblyopia!

Photoscreener for early detection of Lazy eye in young children:

S12 vision screener (Germany) is now available for detection of eye diseases (squint, lazy eye, cataract, eye tumours) for very young children 6 months to < 4 years who can not speak out their problems and for the school going children.


Dichoptic treatment for better binocular vision and active occlusion therapy

  • Dichoptic training needs the child to wear red green goggles (that usually costs < 1000/-) and play a game on the mobile phone or touch screen screen device. The game e.g STEREO BLOCK is available free on play store in Android market.


  • Few prior settings in game, gives child a visual improvement equivalent to patching the good eye.
  • Mechanism: With both eyes open, one set of stimulus that is stationary is seen by the dominant eye while the amblyopic eye continues to resolve the moving target to come out of suppression and improve fusion, vision and stereoacuity.
  • Studies by the group led by Robert F Hess, have shown that one hour per day of Dichoptic training improves vision significantly or equivalent to patching with an added advantage of improvement in contrast visual acuity, binocular fusion and stereopsis (depth perception).

Amblyz glasses for hassel free sophisticated occlusion.


We are now equipped to treat the kids with amblyopia who
  • do not improve with atropine and
  • doesnot wear patch but allow spectacle wear using AMBLYZ.
  • This new device has an LCD screen that blocks the vision of the dominant (better) eye for 30 seconds in one minute to improve the vision in the LAZY eye.
A new ray of hope for Ambylopic child is now available.
  • AMBLYZ glasses is a totally new approach in eye occlusion.
  • It’s an electronic device, shaped like glasses, easy to use, comfortable and suited for children of any age group.
  • In addition, patient who need eye occlusions usually needs prescription glasses; AMBLYZ glasses can serve as an eye occluder and prescription glasses at same time.
  • Traditional methods of eye patching involve significant level of discomfort, inconvenience, poor cosmetic appearance and social issues resulting in poor compliance for treatment.
  • AMBLYZ glasses after activation for required eye, turns completely from transparent to opaque in 1 minute at regular time interval till battery lasts.
  • AMBLYZ glass is controlled by preprogrammed microchip.
  • This technology having undergone multiple testing ,is proven to be safe and effective.
  • Research shows occlusion with AMBLYZ glasses and occlusion with adhesive patches are equally effective in treatment of moderate to unilateral Amblyopia.


Vision Therapy for Squint, Lazy eyes, Children with learning disorders and impaired visuo-motor skills

Use of vision therapy could significantly improve the binocular fusion, 3D vision, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and perceptual learning. We have now introduced therapy for the same in collaboration with other colleagues working in this field. A new vision therapy unit is set up for the home based treatment at Jyotirmay eye clinic.

To read the results of our research on vision therapy system 4, Sanet vision integrator, MFBF using iPad / Android games and use of home vision therapy – click here


Atropine eye drops For Slowing the Progression of Myopia

At Jyotirmay eye clinic Atropine drops are used since 10 years (2005) to slow down the progression of myopia. We have found 1% atropine to be far more effective than 0.01%.

For more details read our research on atropine eye drops. 

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