Definition: The defective vision in children despite of best spectacles without any organic disease is called weak eyes / lazy eyes.


Lazy eye affects nearly 5% children all over the world. In appropriate situations lazy eye can be easily treated with patching and other treatment menthods even in early adulthood. However, best results are obtained if the child’s is younger.

Unique facilities at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic:

  1. We have extensive experience in the use of oral levo dopa for amblyopia
  2. At Jyotirmay Eye Clinic, Occluder contact lenses are available for treatment of children who need patching but do not allow
  3. Jyotirmay Eye Clinic also possess graded neutral density filter to assess depth of suppression, near Worthfour dot test to assess size of suppression scotoma and Crowded bar Visual acuity testing method to assess potential vision in children with amblyopia

Our Original Research

  1. Multifocal ERG evaluation of Amblyopia and effect of Levodopa in Amblyopia

  1. Crowded visual acuity chart to predict the therapeutic effect of Levodopa in Amblyopia