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Definition: Nystagmus is an involuntary, rhythmic to and fro movement of the eyes. (Please click on the clip above to watch a video)

Introduction: This disease is seen in children as well as adults. In children, it is caused due to poor control of neural integrator circuit in the brain with otherwise normal brain. The nystagmus can be caused by retinal diseases, vision deprivations or brain disorders. The disease can be present either from birth or start in adults.

In adults, nystagmus can start due to demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral strokes, syringomyelia with Arnold Chiari malformations, brain tumours, certain drugs, road traffic accidents or inner ear disorders (vestibular mal functions.


Jyotirmay Eye Clinic offers state of the art management of patients with nystagmus with

  • Diagnostic Equipments – Video nystagmography unit, Optokinetic nystagmus drum, Digital Inclinometer / Digital Goniometer – Smart (phone) Protractor (Android App), EMG (Electromyograph) unit, Portable fundus camera
  • Medical and Surgical Expertise – Spectacles, speciality contact lenses (for nystagmus), Prism glasses,Oral medicines, Eye drops, Botox Injection (EMG unit), Nystagmus surgeries
  • Well trained ophthalmologist: Dr Mihir Kothari has done a Fellowship in Neuroophthalmology from Smith Kettelwell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, USA in 2011 followed by a short training with Dr Richard Hertle – Ohio USA, President of American Nystagmus Network and European Nystagmus Network in 2013.

At Jyotirmay Eye Clinic we have state of the art Intellinetx Video Nystagmography system to record the the nystagmus waveforms.

It helps us diagnose the type of nystagmus accurately and provide objective evidence of improvement after treatment.

You may watch video of the recording system and the acquisition as well as analysis system below.


The treatment available for nystagmus at jyotirmay eye clinic includes following

  1. Simple Spectacles/Prismosphere spectacles: These are special spectacles that reduce the intensity of nystagmus by inducing convergence dampening thereby it improves vision. See the VNG recordings mentioned below.
  2. Low vision Aids: These are optical / nonoptical devices that enhance vision by increasing the size of the image (magnification) or quality of image (contrast/alignment etc.)
  3. Oral Medicines: Memantine, Gabapentene and Ampyra can significantly dampen the nystagmus as seen in the VNG recordings inserted below.
  4. Eye Drops:

Brinzolamide 1% eye drops available as Azopt / Brinolar eye drops are found to be useful in specific forms of nystagmus. The effect of the eye drop is very dramatic and obtained in a few days. However, we believe it is imperative to perform eye movement recording to assess the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Click on the image below to know more about our research data on effects of Brinzolamide eye drops on nystagmus.

  • brinzolamide posterContact Lenses:Contact lenses can effectively dampen the nystagmus in a few situations there by improving the visual functions. At Jyotirmay eye clinic, patients a video nystagmugraphy is performed first and the contact lens trial is given to assess the reduction in the frequency and the amplitude of nystagmus and improvement in foveation. There by the improvement in the visual function of the patient with nystagmus. The contact lens can also reduce the light sensitivity and ocular aberrations while correcting the coexisting refractive errors and reducing the nystagmus.
  • Nystagmus surgery:

The squint surgery for nystagmus is a minor surgery on eye muscles that is quite safe and effective. It is never done with LASERs. There are various procedures like Anderson’s procedure, Kestenbaum surgical procedure, Pierse procedure, Gotto procedure, Del’Osso procedure etc. to improve vision and reduce nystagmus.

Nystagmus surgery is the most effective method to reduce nystagmus, correct the head posture, treat the squint and there by improve visual functions in patients with nystagmus.

To view the effects of a nystagmus surgery – click on the video below or click here



At Jyotirmay Eye Clinic these surgeris are performed by the latest technique called fornix incision, adjustable suture technique. The entire surgery is performed through a small hole that allows quick recovery and comfort to the patient postoperatively. Download PDF


Watch Video


Unique facilities at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic:

  1. Fornix (very small) incision Adjustable suture technique (more accurate correction) is available for surgical correction. This technique allows the surgery to be done very quickly, child is more comfortable after the surgery and the outcome is more accurate.
    Adjustable suture surgery
  2. Sevoflurane (world’s safest gas) anesthesia is available for the child’s safety. more…
  3. Philips (USA) VM8 Sure sign monitor is available for intraoperative monitoring for unparalleled child safety
  4. Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision Laboratory to record complex eye movements to accurately categorize the type of squint and advice the most appropriate treatment

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VNG: A primer for Ophthalmologist

A Simplified and Practical Approach to Nystagmus

Please click BELOW to download the complete handout

www.jyotirmay.com/nystagmus_handout_AIOC_ 2014

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