• Short note of our experience with the Cataract (lens replacement) Surgeryfor our 6-year old son Vievan Prabhu 

As is expected of all parents, we were quite concerned and distressed when we first learnt that our 6-year old son is afflicted with ‘bipolar cataract’ in both his eyes and the only effective remedy for his condition was to carry-out lens replacement surgeries for both his eyes. As is probably expected of most parents we experimented with certain alternate remedies in the hope of avoiding the surgery; but quickly came to the conclusion that there is really no effective and permanent remedy except to go in for the lens replacement surgery.

After approaching a few ophthalmologists we gathered that there are certain aspects that are unique to performing cataract lens replacement surgery for children and it would be advisable to get the surgeries performed by a pediatric ophthalmologist. We were recommended Dr. Mihir Kothari by a common doctor friend and visited him twice to understand in detail all about the surgery and how the surgery is to be performed, the post-surgery care, dos-donts, etc. We were encouraged to ask as many questions as possible and also encouraged to submit further questions, if any, by e-mail (which were promptly responded to). We were explained all aspects, pros & cons in respect of the surgery, selection of lens and the reasons for any selections / choices made by the doctor. The approach was very neutral and made us quite comfortable to be able to proceed with the surgery.

Thereafter, 3 – 4 days prior to the dates of the surgery (5th & 12th April) we were asked to commence administering some eye-drops to our son. Some of the points in respect of the surgery are:

  1. The surgery was performed under general anesthesia for which the child has to remain on an empty stomach (without food / water) for 12-hours prior to the surgery.
  2. The surgery was conveniently scheduled in the morning half so that the child did not have to remain hungry for long after his dinner the previous night before surgery.
  3. The actual surgery took only 10 – 15 minutes. Even including the pre-surgery preparation & post-surgery time, the child was in the OT for only about 40 minutes.
  4. The best part is that the actual surgery was performed right in-front of my eyes. I was standing only 4-feet away from my son in the OT while Dr. Kothari performed the surgery.
  5. Our child regained consciousness in less than an hour of coming out of the OT and started ingesting liquids.
  6. Vievan was fully free of the effects of General Anesthesia by evening of the same day.
  7. Most most importantly our child’s vision has improved significantly!

I feel fortunate and thankful to God that my first experience with a surgery of a loved one has been almost stress free and painless for both us as parents and more importantly – for the child! We as parents have no hesitation in allaying the fears of any other parents whose child has a similar condition and recommend strongly that they go ahead with an appropriate surgery to enhance the vision of their child without any fear or apprehensions.


K. Prabhu

(father of Mast. Vievan Prabhu)

Prabhu Krishnamachari []

  • Feedback of the parent whose child underwent a CataractSurgery

Thank you doctor.

We had approached you for traumatic cataract of our six years old child for a second opinion after we were told that a surgery will be required. Though our child had rare complications, I knew from the first interaction onwards that we were in safe hands.

I was really amazed at immediate diagnosis of Alport Syndrome by merely looking at the eye without referring to any of the reports we carried. Appreciate the frank and straight forward manner in which the critical diagnosis was explained to us and a very clear perspective provided.

Highly satisfied with the professional and transparent approach during and after surgery.

Experience of watching live eye surgery of my child will remain with me for life time.

Thank you once again.


Rajiv Gupta

  • Feedback from a parent whose daughter was treated for Blocked Tear Ducts

Dr. Mihir,      11.06.2013

I first take this opportunity to thank you for successfully curing my 4.5 year old daughter Divisha’s problem of watering in the eyes which she was suffering from birth, the medical term of which is Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

Message for other parents.

Dear Parents,

Our 4.5 year old daughter Divisha was suffering from watering in one  eye from birth, the medical term of which is Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction.

Though our pediatrician had advised us to go for PROBING surgery after one year, we kept massaging our daughter’s eyes and wished it gets cured without surgery as we were afraid of our daughter going through surgery.

When our daughter crossed four years she started complaining of heavy watering and that was the time we thought we should do something and we got in touch with Jyotirmay Clinic and met Dr. Mihir Kothari.

At first we were very disappointed and cursed ourselves when Dr. Mihir informed us that we have lost precious time and have come very late as four years is quite big an age and  the success rate of this surgery becomes 70% and if it doesn’t cure we may have to go for a higher surgery, without losing time we went ahead with the surgery after Dr. Mihir gave us confidence of the procedure, we were shown the previous videos of the operation and how it will be performed.

During the operation even one of the parent was allowed to view the surgery live which my wife did and later on we came to know that it was such a small surgery (we can’t even call it surgery as there was no cut done, it was just a procedure to remove the block). The procedure was successful and my daughter today is very happy.

I sincerely thank Dr. Mihir Kothari and the team of Jyotirmay Clinic who are doing such a wonderful job and we also came to know that they are heavily into charity for which we are always ready too.

Once again thank you so much so saving the eyes of so many children who are our future.

We sincerely request all the parents not to neglect any of the problems their child is suffering as we may think it is not major and may get cured or may fear of the surgery, but please dear parents, because of our fear let us not make our child suffer, do please consult the doctors at the right time.


Dinesh M Manghani/Vidhi D Manghani

B4/15, Kamlesh CHS,

Kopri Colony

Thane E – 400 603


Dinesh Manghani []

Feedback of a (doctor) parent whose child underwent a squint surgery at Jyotirmay eye clinic


Message Body:

We would like to first thank Dr. Mihir Kotari sincerely and appreciate his patience and support in treating my Son’s squint with an operation that looked so simple and lasted just 30 minutes. We would also like to thank him and appreciate him for the kind of comfort that gave us while taking us through the process and the confidence that he built in while make us aware of the results and the correction.


I am the mother of the child, Dr. Suvarna Saravanan, a practicing General Physician, my son who is 1 year and 8 months had a squint in his right eye and also had a problem fixing his eyes while seeing.


On the advice of Dr. Mihir Kothari, we decided to get him operated for this condition. The process was clearly and completely explained by Dr. Mihir and we were in fact well informed of its results and success rate which was only 70% because of a previous condition that my son had.


The way Dr. Mihir explained the condition, the course, the surgical process involved and the results made us comfortable and confident to go with the line of treatment that he was suggesting even though it involved a surgery that would be just be 70% successful. I was so confident that being a doctor, I did not even think once to go for a second opinion in this case.


With fingers crossed and with a positive frame of mind, we went for the surgery. The surgery and the process looked very simple as explained by him, we could see the process when the surgery was underway in the monitor kept outside. The perfection with which Dr. Mihir was operating and the process which was looking simple only made our belief more stronger.


In the company of an able anesthetist Dr. Reena Gautham, the procedure went very smooth and convincing.


The result, the operation was fully successfully, the desired results have been achieved , the squint has disappeared and my son’s eyes are normal now.


I thank Dr. Mihir once again for treating my son to perfection and for bringing in this happiness in our lives.


With best Regards,

Dr. Suvarna Saravanan.