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  • Full payment to be paid by cash / cheques at the time of registration
  • In case if it is not possible to pay the full amount, 3 post dated (< 3 months) cheques can be given for the amount remaining after a payment of 11,500/-. An additional charge of 2500/- will be charged for this facility
  • The surgical charges includes the cost of surgical material, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia gases, anesthesiologist’s fees, bed charges and OT utility charges
  • The patient has to bear the additional cost of anesthesia medicines, surgical gloves, surgical disposables etc to be purchased on the day of the surgery – this costs usually 1000/-
  • In an unfortunate event of a complication requiring the child’s transfer to ICU after/before commencement of the surgery – the patient has to bear all the charges in the ICU
  • We do not accept credit cards / cashless mediclaim facilities
  • We will provide all the necessary documents for the reimbursement if a parent / patient wants to apply for the mediclaim reimbursement.
  • Unfortunately a large majority of ocular defects that we treat are classified as birth defects. We can not help you to pass the mediclaim by disguising / changing the medical history or type of the ocular defect.
  • We do not offer any concession to the patients who are applying for the mediclaim.
  • We take partial responsibility for a poor outcome after the surgery / complication after a surgery. 40% concession is given in surgeon charges for a re-surgery
  • We prefer to offer best possible quality and services to the patients. There is no compromise in quality for unaffording patients. Do not hesitate to ask for concession. However, to avoid misuse of the available funds – Please provide proof of salary / income tax return to avail any concession on surgical charges.

Please note: Surgical charges may be revised without a prior notice




Payment methods

Payment methods

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Benchmarks for Unparalleled Anesthesia

Sevoflurane anesthesia

Advantages over other methods of general anesthesia:

  1. Anesthesia effect starts very fast (typically 5-7 breaths)
  2. Anesthesia effect disappears very fast (typically 5-7 breaths after stopping)
  3. Higher safety
    1. Less effect on heart functions
    2. Does not affect kidney functions
  4. Smoother induction
  5. It is the ultramodern anesthetic agent (the latest available anywhere in the world)
  6. This anesthesia is very ‘child friendly’
  1. Predictable effect and recovery
  2. Not irritating to children (no smell)
  3. Excellent tolerability
  4. Excellent safety profile
  • It is non pungent (odor less) [reduces secretions and chances of bronchospasms] (choking)


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Disadvantage: It is expensive!!!


VM8 Monitoring

Advantages over conventional monitoring

  1. Less throat irritation due to Laryngeal mask
  2. Rapid recovery from anesthesia (there is no muscle relaxant used!)
  3. Better monitoring of heart beats (continuous ECG and BP)
  4. World class in maintaining oxygen (saturation) levels (Every breath O2,CO2 monitoring)


STRONGLY Recommended  For higher SaFety and SMooTHer recovery

*Subject to change without prior notices