Definition: When the parallel rays of light do not come to a point focus on the retina of the eye, the child would need spectacle.

If the eye ball is big in size, it is called near sightedness – myopia.

If the eye ball is small in size, it is called far sightedness – hypermetropia

If the eye ball has abnormal shape, it leads to astigmatism – cylindrical power

Myopia usually increases with age and height. Hypermetropia decreases with age and height and cylindrical power remains stable.

Unique facilities at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic:

  1. We control myopia progression by using atropine eye drops and progressive addition lenses
  2. We control hypermetropia by aiding emmetropization

Parents are requested to reduce TV watching to < 1 hour / day, avoid the use of iPAD, Mobile and Game boy to avoid rapid progression of myopia which increases the risk of retinal problems in future.

Parents should encourage the sporting activities and provide a balanced diet rich in vegetables, milk products, salad, fruits and avoid junk food to maintain good eye and overall health of their children.

It is aptly said for children (based on the research studies)

“Go out and play…..

…………………………..that keeps myopia at bay”


Spectacles for Children – Click Here

Spectacles in children

Spectacles in children

TV Watching Guidelines for Children – Click here

Prescription guidelines (2016)  for spectacles in children are mentioned below.

Spects guidlines sticker jpeg

Power point on spectacle prescription in children (2016 pdf format): Click here

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