Information for the families on Sevoflurane anesthesia

Advantages over other methods of general anesthesia

  • Anesthesia effect starts very fast (typically 5-7 breaths)
  • Anesthesia effect disappears very fast (typically 5-7 breaths after stopping)
  • Higher safety
    • Less effect on heart functions
    • Does not affect kidney functions
  • Smoother induction
  • It is the ultramodern anesthetic agent (the latest available anywhere in the world)
  • The anaesthetic is very ‘user friendly’
    • Predictable effect and recovery
    • Not irritating to children (no smell)
    • Excellent tolerability
    • Excellent safety profile
  • It is non pungent (odor less) hence less secretions and chances of bronchospasms (choking)


It is expensive!!!
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At jyotirmay eye clinic – we recommend sevoflorane anesthesia to those who can afford. It is more effective and safer for the children.
We offer an option to the patients to choose this anesthesia at an additional cost of  1500/-