How to choose the RIGHT spectacle for children?

Spectacle Frames:

  1. For children < 3-4 years age, MiraflexTM is the best, however, inform the optician to fit the lenses properly as they some times fall off.
  2. Half rimless / total rimless frames are best avoided in children – lens falling off / chipping is common.
  3. Plastic frames are better than metal frames in terms of retaining good fitting for long.
  4. Silicon nose rests/pads are useful to reduce pressure imprints on the nose.
  5. Round/oval eye wire is better than the rectangular ones as it covers the eye
  6. Middle level bridge provide better coverage while looking up as well as down  than a high/top level bridge
  7. A temple with side-spring is useful as it provides excellent fit for very long.

Spectacle Lenses:

Avoid glass material as they have low safety profile.

  1. CR39 plastic is cheaper compared to Polycarbonate material. However, polycarbonate is tougher.
  2. Anti scratch coating is highly recommended for all plastic lenses.
  3. Anti reflective coating and/or high index lenses are necessary for >4diopter lenses only.
  4.  Bifocal lenses in children must have a large lower segment exactly as shown in the picture. They are expensive, more difficult to make and may need different/special frames so that there is a large upper as well as lower segment.
  5. Opticians often make mistakes in making bifocals in children. They apply their experience regarding adults in making those glasses for children. Make sure you have informed them not to do so.