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Definition: The misalignment of two eyes is called a squint / strabismus  and the correction of this misalignment by eye exercises, squint eye surgery or eye muscle injection is called squint correction or squint eye correction.

Introduction: The squint or strabismus in children is most often caused by a defective circuit in the brain; even-though the child may otherwise have absolutely normal neural functions.  It is this problem in the neuronal circuit that cause squint eye and in some cases also the lazy eye. The squint in the child leads to following defects in their vision and the best squint specialist would address all the issues during the course of it’s treatment.

  1. Loss of binocular vision (inability to use both eyes together)
  2. Loss of stereoacuity (3 dimensional vision)
  3. Decreased vision in the squinting eye (amblyopia / lazy eye)
  4. Poor motor development / hand eye coordination
  5. Abnormal head posture (head tilt or face turn)
  6. Decentered and/or narrow visual fields
  7. Negative psychosocial and emotional impact
  8. Increased chances of eye injuries throughout the life

The unique feature of squint correction in children is that almost all the defects mentioned above can be reversed provided the restoration of eye alignment is achieved as soon as possible. A child squint specialist / pediatric squint specialist possess special understanding about the evolution of child’s visual system and hence best equipped to provide various squint eye correction treatments.

The state of the art treatment of squint available in our clinic for children include:

  • Spects:

    Some Squints called Accommodative Esotropia can be treated with just the glasses as shown below


……………Squint treatment with spectacle ………….

In patients with intermittent divergent squint, an over minus glasses for correction of squint can be very helpful to improve brain’s control over eye’s alignment.

Jyotirmay Eye Clinic has its own state of the art Pediatric Spectacle Dispensing Unit where you can find best spectacles for children that can provide accurate fitting, research based dispensing, fine quality control and compassionate pricing.

Occlusion of the better eye / Blurring the vision of the better eye using atropine penalisation help to improve vision and fusion of the squinting eye there by correcting improving the control of an intermittent squint or improves the success of a squint surgery. There are new treatment options like atropine eye drops / bangerter foils / mobile games / amblyz spects that are available for the treatment of lazy eye in children and lazy eye in adults at Jyotirmay eye clinic. For more details – Lazy eye treatment


The squint correction with eye exercises aim at regaining child’s ability to use both eyes together (fusion), to restore 3 dimensional vision, to prevent or treat lazy eye / Amblyopia, to improve Hand eye co-ordination (visuomotor skills) and improve ocular motility (pursuits – tracking eye movements and saccades – fast eye movements). The objective or squint eye exercises is to delay the need of surgery or increase the success of squint surgery and in some situation avoid strabismus surgery by improving the co-ordination of eyes, so that the child’s Binocular vision and Stereo acuity remain intact.

Home based eye exercises for squint correction / lazy eye cure

  1. HTS iNet for Vision Therapy:

It is computerized home vision therapy system.HTS is fun and easy way to learn range of exercises which can train child’s eye to work together. It’s like playing game in computer. The plan for exercises depend on the abnormality found on binocular vision assessment. Initial task of playing are easy, which computer automatically increases the challenge based on your improvement. HTS is completely based on individual Binocular problem. It is usually played 5 times a week, and then gradually reduced to maintenance therapy for few weeks to reinforce the working of eye together.

  1. Brock String:

It is an instrument used for treatment of convergence insufficiency and other anomalies of binocular vision. It is used to develop skills of convergence as well as to disrupt suppression of one of the eyes.

Office based eye exercises for squint correction / lazy eye treatment

These are super effective in restoring fusion and 3D vision BEYOND OUR OWN IMAGINATIONS!

(In collaboration with Krishna Vision Center, Dadar – previously known as Kanohi Vision Center, Dadar. Infrastructure developed by Dr Gul Nankani and Dr Sonia Nankani. Vision therapy incharge – Mr Md Oli Ullah Abdal and Ms Shruti Lad)

  • Sanet Vision Integrator:

Touch screen computer is used to produce fusion in patients using only one eye even when both eyes are open


Eye exercises for Lazy eye and squint treatment

  • Vision Therapy System 4:


A 3D screen is used to develop fusion and 3D vision once antisuppression treatment is given on SVI.

Power point presentation – Latest binocular therapy for squint and for lazy eye  

The squint surgery is a minor surgery on eye muscles that is quite safe and effective. It is never done with LASERs.

At Jyotirmay Eye Clinic, squint surgery is performed by the latest technique called fornix incision, adjustable suture technique. The entire surgery is performed through a small hole that allows quick recovery and comfort to the patient postoperatively… more

  • Squint treatment with Botox injection

In very selected minority patients the squint can be corrected by one or more injections of Botulinum toxin A. Botox is made by Allergan and we have no financial interest in using their brand. We simply use it because that is considered as the most reliable brand for human use.

click here or Watch video of squint correction with injection.

Cost of Squint Surgery at Jyotirmay eye clinic:

This clinic has the best squint specialist in Mumbai and the latest treatments with the most advanced – laminar flow operation theater facility. The surgeries are performed live for increased transperancy and medical documentation of the surgery video is handed over to the patient. The anesthesia used is safest in the world – sevoflurane anesthesia and the pediatric anesthesiologist is highly competent.

The charges are not arbitrary they are determined based on the local best practices, infrastructure provided for the eye care and expertise of the eye care team + the time taken.

To know more click on the link squint surgery charges / squint surgery charges.

Unique facilities at Jyotirmay Eye Clinic:

  1. Fornix (very small) incision Adjustable suture technique (more accurate correction) is available for surgical correction
  2. Sevoflurane (very safe gas) anesthesia is available for the child’s safety. more..
  3. Philips (USA) VM8 Sure sign monitor is available for intraoperative monitoring (for unparalleled child safety)
  4. EMG machine is available for the application of Botox injection more and video.
  5. Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision Laboratory to record complex eye movements to accurately categorize the type of squint and advice the most appropriate treatment
  6. Laminar flow, highly advanced operation theater
  7. Live surgery and video recording of the surgery for increased system transparency
  8. Experienced pediatric anesthetist
  9. Best squint specialist in mumbai

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