Jyotirmay Eye Clinic is a unique facility dedicated to provide state of the art eye care for children and Adult patients with squint and nystagmus.

This eye clinic is equipped with some state of the art equipments to diagnose and treat common, uncommon as well as very rare eye disorders affecting children less than 16 years of age and Adults & Children having Squint and Shaky eyes (Nystagmus).

Jyotirmay’s Ocular Motility and Binocular Vision Laboratory is one of its kind in India that is equipped with

  1. Devices to measure forces generated by the eye muscles (Force Forceps)
  2. Record the eye movements using high speed infrared camera (Intellinetx Video ENG system)
  3. Smart Protractor for accurate measurement of Abnormal Head Posture (Smart Protractor)
  4. Binocularity assessment system to detect depth and size of the suppression scotoma (Neutral Density Filters)
  5. Tests to detect differences in the Image size between the two eyes (Aniseokonia measurement)
  6. Distance 3D measurement system (Nidek CP 690, Polaroids)
  7. Near 3D measurement system (LANG test and TNO test)
  8. Automated Computerised Hess Charting to detect eye movement restrictions in various gazes (Hess Chart Pro)
  9. Electromyography (EMG) amplifier for Botox injection to correct squint

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These equipments generates robust clinical as well as research data that helps us provide unparallelled eye care for children and adults with Squint and/or Nystagmus.


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The Pediatric Low Vision Center 

Jyotirmay Eye Clinic helps the children with low vision to achieve their educational and social goals with help of low vision devices.

A well qualified staff at the clinic is dedicated to passionate and compassionate eye care.

The Jyotirmay Charitable Trust generates its own funds that helps us to treat vision threatening diseases in children from financially under developed section of the society

Blindness in Children: The facts

  • Every 1 minute a child goes blind …
  • 1.4 million Children under the age of 15 are blind
  • Nearly three quarters of these children live in Asia and Africa
  • 50% Children that are born blind do not survive till the fifth birthday
  • 3.5 lakhs children in India are blind
  • 4.2 million Children have visual impairment and can not attend regular schools
  • More than 50% of the blindness in children is avoidable / treatable
  • The treatments available for the prevention and cure of blindness are among the most successful and cost effective of all health interventions.


Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)